Community Mother Program Highlights

Community Mother Program was successfully implemented by Fazaldad Human Rights Institute in cooperation with Mars Food and Rice Partners (Pvt) Ltd from 25th June 2018 to 5th August 2018. The program was implemented into two villages namely Chak Sekham and Nabi Pur Virkan of District Sheikhupura, Punjab, Pakistan. Two Community Mother Centers were established in the said two villages. The program was predominately designed to provide safe shelter and healthy environment to the children of rice transplanters during the rice transplantation season. The main stakeholders for effective program results included community mothers (teachers), children of rice transplanters and parents of those children and contract farmers of RPL.

The program made a significant impact on the lives of the prime beneficiaries (children of rice transplanters) which is evident from the post program evaluation, which showed that the health and educational level of children have improved. Some of the salient features of this program are as follow:

  • Several Children who participated in the Program kept away from the child labor i.e. assisting their parents in rice transplantation;

  • Both centers were equipped with well-educated and trained community mothers (teachers);

  • Clothes, shoes, school bags, sports items (bat ball, football) and toys were given to each child;

  • Quality food, snacks, milk and fruits were given to each child once in a day throughout the Program;

  • Clean and cold drinking water facility was also available in both centers throughout the Program;

  • The centers were furnished with carpets, educational charts, furniture, white board, air cooler, electric generator;

  • Medical treatment was also given to the children who were sick.