FHRI has installed and operates purification and delivery systems to provide clean drinking water in villages where it is most needed.

Some examples of our work:

MAUZA Azmat shah

A small farming village of 1000 residents located in District Toba Tek Singh.  Water-related healthcare issues included hepatitis and gastro diseases.  We were able to install a village clean water system, and reduce the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to 50.


Mauza Chidru is a village located in the outskirts of Mianwali, with a population of 300.  Villagers here were facing acute water borne diseases due to non-availability of clean drinking water.  Women had to travel almost 4 km to get water from the only available reservoir.  TDS and pH values were very high, and have been brought down through a reverse osmosis plant.  The facility serves nearby villages as well.


Chak 479 is located in Tehsil Shorkot, Destrict Jhang, Punjab, 40km west on the Thal desert. It is a village of approximately 200 houses and 2000 residents.  Almost all the houses are made of mud.